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Zheng He Map
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An interactive tool showing the regional sources of Chinese materia medica from three historical text layers, laid over dynastic maps from different periods. 

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Collections of drug names in 4 excavated texts, displayed against early Chinese map layers. Demonstrates influence of regionalism in production of local drug lore.


Mortar and Pestle
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Capture and converts geographical information in tagged corpora with spatial coordinates metadata into geographical information. This can be converted into DocuGIS.

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 Searchable map of the 13th-century work by Zhao Rukuo 趙汝适, which  collects of descriptions of countries, people, customs and in particular traded commodities outside China, from South East Asia and around the Indian Ocean.

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Focuses on 53 Abui plants, noting their English, Abui and (where possible) scientific names; how the Abui use them as medicine; their cultural relevance to the Abui; and oral stories about how these plants got their names or became used.

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Maritime Asia in the Third Century CE

A translation and analysis of the Wushi waiguo zhuan and Nanzhou yiwu zhi by Andrew Chittick

17 June 2023

Making pharmaceutical and botanical cultural heritage digitally accessible and usable

Collaborative international research community that brings together and showcases interdisciplinary research on recipes across broad temporal and geographic spans

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