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Polyglot Asian Medicine

Primary Investigator

Dr. Michael Stanley-Baker 徐源 


Dr. Faizah Zakariah

Dr. Christopher Khoo

Dr Francesco Cacciafoco


William Chong 張英杰

Dr. Michael Goodman

Sharifah Nur Binte Syed Mohamad Alhabshee

Dr. Xu Duoduo 許多多

Dr. Sun Guangyuan 孙光元 

Dr. Lin Haiqing (East Asian Library, Berkeley)

Dr. Huang Wenqin 黄文琴

Shaun Ang Qiao Rou 洪巧柔

Dr. Chen Jinju 陈金菊

Feng Yuchen 冯宇晨 

Chen Jianbei 陳建北

David M. Karaj

Huang Bo 



Primary Sources

Prof. Liu Changhua 柳長華,  China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences 

The Tan Family of Singapore

Peter Lee, Singapore

University of Leiden Library

University of Kuala Lumpur Library

British Library

Singapore National Library 


Host Institution

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 新加坡南洋理工大學

Collaborating Institutions

National Taiwan University Center for Digital Humanities Research


Jieh Hsiang 項潔

Tu Hsieh-chang 杜協昌

Yi-Mei Hung 洪一梅

Hu QIrui 胡其瑞

SihPin Lai 賴思頻

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Dept. III

Dagmar Schäfer

Chen Shih-pei  陳詩沛

Brent Ho (Berlin State Library)

Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

Medicinal Plant Name Services

Robert Allkin

Kristina Patmore

Tiziana Cossu


Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Hong Chen-chou 洪振洲

Zhang Duan 張端

Funding Gratefully Received From

National Heritage Board (NHB) Singapore: Heritage Research Grant 92.90

Ministry of Education, Singapore: Tier 1 2018-T1-001-039

Nanyang Technological University: SUG M4082222.100

Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology: MOST106-2221 -E - 00 2-209-MY2C

Taiwan Ministry of Education: 大學校院新南向計畫─強化與「東協及南亞國家」合作交流

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Dept. III

Website Design

Sharifah Nur Binte Syed Mohamad Alhabshee

David Ong Seow Hsiung 

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