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How to Cite

Polyglot Asian Medicines is a single, unified project containing multiple sub-databases. These contain full-text digital transcriptions of medical manuscripts, woodblock prints and lithographs held in libraries around the world, and are publicly available for academic research. Details of the original Chinese sources can be found here.  Digital images of the Malay and Peranakan texts are included.

If you would like to cite digital transcriptions in the database, we recommend the following forms.  Citations can refer to:

The Overall Project 

Stanley-Baker, Michael. Polyglot Asian Medicines, accessed (date).

Individual Databases

Zakariah, Faizah; David M. Karaj; Hung I-Mei 洪一梅; and Sharifah nur Alhabshee. 2023. Kitab-Tibb Malay-Jawi Manuscripts. Taipei: DocuSky, The Research Center for Digital Humanities 臺灣大學數位人文研究中, Accessed (date).

     DOI: 10.6681/NTURCDH.DB_DocuSkyDrugsAcrossAsia_Malay/Text


Stanley-Baker 徐源 Michael; Liu Changhua 柳长华; Hung I-mei 洪一梅; Lai SihPin 賴思頻; William 張英杰 Chon; Michael W. Goodman; Xu Duoduo 許多多; Sun Guangyuan 孙光元; and Lin Haiqing. 2023. Drugsacrossasia_China 跨亞藥物_中國 (Version 1.0).   Taipei: DocuSky, The Research  Center for Digital Humanities 臺灣大學數位人文研究中, Accessed (date).

     DOI: 10.6681/NTURCDH.DB_DocuSkyDrugsAcrossAsia_China/Text 


Stanley-Baker 徐源, Michael, Baba Tan Kuning, Huang Wenqin 黃文琴, and Hung I-mei 洪一梅. 2023. Yoke Tua 藥單: Peranakan Family Medical Slips. In National Library Singapore. Taipei: The Research Center for Digital Humanities 臺灣大學數位人文研究中. Accessed (date).

     DOI: XXXX


Stanley-Baker, Michael, Xu Duoduo 許多多 and William Eng Keat 張英杰 Chong 2020. Bencaojing jizhu 本草經集注 in Three Layers. DR-NTU (Data). DOI: 10.21979/N9/K4WS29


Stanley-Baker, Michael 2023. Mapping Drugs in Han Dynasty Excavated Texts. DR-NTU (Data). DOI:10.21979/N9/WLKQAG

Polyglot Medicine Knowledge Graph

Stanley-Baker, Michael; Khoo, Christopher; Chen Jinju 陈金菊; Chen Shih-pei 陳詩沛; Goodman, MichaelWilliam Chong 張英杰; Shaun Ang Qiao Rou 洪巧柔, Bo Huang, and Feng Yuchen 冯宇晨. 2023. Polyglot Medicine: Knowledge Graph.  Accessed (date).

     DOI: XXXX

Specific texts 

Wan Quan 密斋 (1499-1582) Wan shi jiachuan guangsi jiyao 万氏家传广嗣纪要 (16th C.).  忠信堂 Zhongxin Hall woodblock eidtion (1778), in 

    Stanley-Baker, et al., DrugsAcrossAsia_China 跨亞藥物_中國 (version 1.0)   

    DOI: 10.6681/NTURCDH.DB_DocuSkyDrugsAcrossAsia_China/Text Accessed (date).

Individual passages

Each text has been  segmented into coherent semantic units that follow the sense of the text, rather than original page breaks from the original document.  These are organized into increasingly small subdivisions:

    Book: Title of Book

    Chapter: equivalent to juan 卷.

    Section: Large segments of texts, containing smaller paragraphs

    Paragraph: Small sections of text, equivalent to recipes.

This image shows the FIRST CHAPTER, THIRD SECTION, PARAGRAPHS 1-4 of Wan shi jiachuan guangsi jiyao 万氏家传广嗣纪要.

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To reveal the yellow box at the top with publication details, click the "DocMeta" button on the top left of the database.

To cite the SECOND PARAGRAPH, we recommend the following:

Wan shi jiachuan guangsi jiyao 万氏家传广嗣纪要 juan 1, 3.2.

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